What’s In a Name?

We give names to lots of things: our kids, our cars, our pets. But what about our skillets? Can our skillets have names? Or does that go too far?

A while back, I mentioned my belief that a skillet is definitely a ‘she.’ You see, I know this because my skillet is named June.

Why June?

Let me explain.

Well, to start June is a good ole’ gal. She’s old-fashioned – she likes to take her time. She’s good at laboring in the heat. ¬†And when she heats up, she stays hot for a long time. She makes me think of a long, lost era when things were simpler. And I’m willing to bet that she’s pretty happy to sit on my stove and bathe in the sun that peaks through the windows.

I’m enjoying having June in my kitchen to help me out. .She’s a pretty good cook, and not a bad companion if I do say so myself.

About Chrissy

Hi! I'm Chrissy. I'm a 31 year old cast-iron (pretty much) newbie. I'm learning more as I go and screwing up quite a bit along the way. I'm a northern girl (Yay, PA!) who has been transplanted to the south and am trying to embrace becoming a southern lady. Hence the cast-iron pan. I've never made my own biscuits and I have no idea what a dutch baby is. But you can bet that I'll figure all of that out. So stick around and see what happens as I learn the in- and-outs of cooking with cast-iron.

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  1. Sharon Weiser

    I never thought to give my skillet a name! I really enjoy reading your blog, it always makes me smile.

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